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Dental care, oral hygiene to avoid dental disease

Why is regular dental care important?

Proper and regular dental care is essential for maintaining good health. When we don’t brush our teeth, a growing number of bacteria settle — the largest number at the junction of the tooth and gums, where plaque and then tartar form. This can affect not only the health of our teeth but also of our entire body.

What dental care tools should we use?

The foundation of proper oral care is brushing your teeth several times a day, and always at least twice a day, as well as regular flossing. When our teeth are less regular, we need to use other means to keep them clean. To clean larger interdental spaces or hard-to-reach corners, you can use interdental cleaning toothbrushes of different thicknesses, or you can use different mouthwashes or even a mouth shower for maximum efficiency.

What should be used for dental care, and when?

The statistical data show that for example the Hungarian population buys only 1.4 tubes of toothpaste and 0.7 toothbrushes on average per person per year. In contrast, replacing toothbrushes is recommended every three months, as the number of bacteria adhering to their surface increases from week to week and using it after a period of time causes more harm than good.

The timing of the dental care itself is also important. In particular, breakfast in the morning is often followed by a quick brushing. It would be better to take a half-hour break after meals, as the acids that hit the teeth soften the enamel, which is damaged by brushing. This half-hour rule needs to be followed not only after meals, but also after consuming soft drinks.

What’s the difference between home and professional dental care?

The growth of tartar is affected by proper dental care, but it is also affected by our genetic makeup. In some cases, no matter how often and how properly we clean our teeth, every few months the amount of tartar increases so much that a visit to the dental hygienist is inevitable. In home dental care we can only remove plaque, not tartar. In the dental office, ultrasound is used to remove tartar sticking to the surface of the tooth, reaching into the gums if necessary. After polishing, our teeth regain their original purity and beauty.

What are the consequences of irregular or improper dental care?

Inflamed gums do not heal without treatment. As time goes on, gums swell and stick less and less to our teeth, forming small sachets that are slowly filled with bacteria. The size of the sachets keeps increasing until inflammation reaches the jawbone. After this the teeth tilt, and eventually fall out.

When the inflammation reaches a certain point, it is called a dental focus, the effect of which is even more frightening than tooth loss. This is because the bacteria that have multiplied get into the bloodstream and into all the major organs, causing problems including cardiovascular disease, preterm birth and even miscarriage in pregnant women.

How to master the technique of proper dental care?

The technique of proper dental care is constantly evolving, and with the creation of new tools, new possibilities are unfolding before us. It’s worth turning to an expert who can determine the most appropriate tools for particular teeth and how we can use them to make the most of our dental care time.

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