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Healthy mind, healthy body! Our motto is: STAY HOME! Recommendations from the Nádor Dental team during the time of coronavirus, Covid-19

In Self-Quarantine? Use These Mood-Boosting Tricks to Stay Sane

Here are some tricks to help you get the most out of this situation. Instead of negative thoughts, let’s act and create a routine in our lives.

  1. Work Out! It can be done at home! – In the world of the Internet, we can now find free-to-download training sessions for all ages and tastes. Choose what you like and start your day with some workout. Sanity saved.
  2. Open windows! – Keep curtains opened up so that sunlight can enter your home. If the weather permits, open a window and let fresh air in alongside the sunlight! This will help you feel better — and natural sunlight is also an excellent source of vitamin D.
  3. Find a new hobby! Now is the time to start a long-cherished hobby that we haven’t had time for – whether it’s painting, sewing or DIY, let’s get started.
  4. Declutter, Organize, sanitize! – get rid of excess clothes, tools and tools that have accumulated over the years!
  5. Learn something new online! – It’s never too late to learn a new language, computer skills, or interior design. Podcasts, Youtube channels and online learning platforms provide many ways to keep your brain in training.

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