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Nobel Implant

What makes a quality implant good?

There are many high-quality implants on the market, and it’s important to choose the right one.

The selection of the implant, however, should always be left to a professional. The implantation itself is preceded by thorough planning, in many cases a series of long dental treatments, as it is important that the implants are placed in an orderly, healthy mouth.
At Nádor Dental, we place great emphasis on using quality implants under the safest conditions, taking into account the individual circumstances of the patient.

If you are anxious about dental procedures, try conscious sedation, the stress-free solution:

Why does Nádor Dental recommend Nobel implants?

The most commonly used implant at the Nádor Dental surgery is Nobel Biocare.

After accumulating many years of experience and very thorough study of the key options, Nádor Dental cast its vote in favour of Nobel implants.

Here are some reasons for our decision:

  • Nobel implants were invented by a Swedish research professor, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, and the first screw implant made of titanium was placed in 1965. This was so successful that the first patient used the implanted titanium denture for more than 40 years, until his death, without any problems.
  • The Nobel company has been on the market for more than half a century, and they are constantly developing existing technologies, as well as researching and introducing newer and more modern denture solutions.
  • The Nobel company has developed not only implants but also unique ‘Procera’ crowns and bridges, on the market since 1983, which are based on the complete digitalized image of the patient’s dentures. This technology is highly recommended if you want to fix many teeth, or even an entire mouth, in the most accurate way possible.
  • They invented the ‘on-one’ solution: when only one tooth is missing, i.e. a solo crown is placed on the implant: a rotation-proof element (on-one) is placed between the implant and the abutment.
  • The name of the Nobel company is also associated with the now well-known ‘all-on-four’ implantation solution, which is used when almost all or all the teeth in a jaw are missing. In this case, four implants, properly placed, will function as a support pillar for the bridge placed over them.
  • In today’s world, when many people travel widely and may even find work abroad, it is especially important to be able to receive additional treatments with the Nobel implant system anywhere in the world.
  • Each patient with a Nobel implant receives a certificate indicating the details and the position of the implant
  • Nobel Biocare guarantees a lifetime warranty on its products.

At Nádor Dental, we provide guarantees not only on the implants, but also on our work.

Do you need a dental implant? Find out more about implantation, which is available at our practice:

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