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Tips, advice, physical and spiritual support from the Nádor dental team during the coronavirus pandemic

With our blog, which launched today, we want to help you stay in touch until our lives get back to normal.

First of all, we would like to thank all our patients for the support, understanding and love they have shown us during the forced closure of our clinic and in the cancellation of scheduled treatments.

We already knew, and now we are sure, how lucky we are with you.

We are pleased that our patients take the dangers of the current health situation seriously.

What’s the hardest thing right now? How can our clinic and our staff survive the transition?

It’s very important that we do not panic and in today’s world, take advantage of the full potential of the internet to keep in touch and support each other spiritually.

Therefore, we have a mobile phone number +36 70 372 3000 at standby. This number can be called every day including weekends, so you can share your direct or your non-direct dental issues. In professional matters, Dr. Németh, our lead dentist will personally assist you with his expertise.

We are a family in the clinic, we value all our colleagues and patients and would like to continue working together once the crisis is over.

We have been able to find a solution for our staff so that, as long as we have the financial resources to spare, each one of them is offered a salary and for those who have no savings we offered additional help.

Follow us on our FB page: and on our web site-BLOG, as we will regularly update news, advice and current matters.

Rendelőnket 2020. november 16-án teljeskörű fertőtlenítés után, ismét megnyitottuk! tovább

️Our practice has reopened following a complete disinfection! more