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Stress and pain-free dental clinicStress and pain-free dental clinic

Tricks, tips for the lockdown period!

How do we keep our teeth healthy, now that most dental surgeries are closed, and only acute cases can be treated in those that are open?

Now, in period of social distancing restrictions, it is even more important to pay attention to our oral hygiene, part of which means keeping our teeth healthy with proper dental care.

Many dental problems can be avoided or delayed with regular and thorough tooth brushing and good oral hygiene.

What are the most common problems?

We’ve collected a bunch of the most common complaints we encounter in our online- and telephone consultations:

  1. Broken tooth – if only a small piece of tooth gets chipped off and causes no major problems, or pain, then with due care, avoiding chewing on the damaged area, no immediate intervention is required.
  2. Lost filling – If a filling falls out, but it isn’t painful, then you should avoid chewing on the damaged area and you should wash it even more thoroughly several times a day, taking care not to break the affected tooth. If it gets sensitive to cold or heat, you can place a chewing gum into the cavity as a very short-term, temporary solution.
  3. Our orthodontic patients often call us to ask whether it would cause problems if the monthly “activation” were not completed; or whether teeth would move back to their original place. Of course not! You don’t have to worry about the teeth getting rearranged, there’s simply no progress, so you’ll have to wear the device for a month or two longer. Care must be taken not to damage the brackets or retainers and wear it properly.
  4. If the braces are damaged? When an arch has loosened – with the help of disinfected eyebrow tweezers, following the instructions of our specialist dentist, it is possible to restore it to its original state.
  5. If the displaced arch (wire) irritates the gum and causes pain – with the help of a small pair of tweezers we can pull the arch back to its original place. If it fails, you can temporarily put a little chewing gum on the area.
  6. What happens if the bracket falls off? – Don’t you worry, although this problem cannot be remedied at home, as it requires a special glue, which can only be provided in our office. In this case, the tooth may move, but it can be repaired quickly when treatment is continued.
  7. Acute pain – unfortunately this cannot be avoided – sometimes the tooth becomes inflamed or the caries becomes so big it’s no longer possible to postpone the dental treatment. We always discourage our patients from taking painkillers for a longer period of time, as it does not solve the problem; in addition, in larger quantities it can damage the liver.
    • In some cases, if we are sure of what is causing the pain (previous x-rays or CT scans are available), our specialist dentist prescribes antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory that has to be taken. As soon as the inflammation stops the pain will stop as well. Of course, the tooth needs to be treated as soon as possible, but it might last until the restriction is lifted.

It is IMPORTANT to know that with our online consultation we cannot satisfactorily solve many dental problems that require intervention, but with professional advice and attention, we want to assure our patients that we will not let them down in the current unexpected situation, they are most important for us and we do our best to provide professional care in safe conditions as soon as possible!

We want you to know that you can count on our professional advice for the entire duration of the restrictions, so if you have any concerns, questions, feel free to call us on: +36 70 372 3000 or sign up for a free consultation via email:

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