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Dr. Judit Jancsó
Dr. Judit Jancsó
I obtained my general medical degree in 1974 at the University of Szeged. After completing my studies, I began work at the Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic. Later I was transferred to the nationally recognized Gábor Petri Clinic of Surgery. In 1978 I took the exams for dental and oral diseases, in 1981 for anaesthesiology and intensive care. I moved to Budapest in 1982, where I worked at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at Semmelweis University until 2010. In 1991, I was one of the first anaesthesiologists to begin sedation in dental surgeries. I currently work regularly in eight Hungarian clinics, helping anxious patients undergo necessary dental interventions with ease.
Spoken languages: Hungarian, German
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