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Conscious sedation

Are you afraid of dentists due to bad childhood memories? Do the noises and other impulses in the dentistry make you feel nervous? The Nador Dental team is fully equipped to deal with the most anxious patients.

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Dental Filling

Tooth filling is one of the most common dental procedures. Dental filling is needed when the tooth is greatly decayed, and may consequently already have a cavity. After the removal of the decayed part various materials can be used for dental fillings.

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Tooth extraction

Today, removing teeth or the roots of the teeth is a mere routine oral surgery. The most common cause of tooth extraction is advanced tooth decay, but there are many other reasons of tooth extraction.

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Orthodontic treatments aim to achieve a beautiful and orderly smile, clear speech, and regular bites. In the course of orthodontic treatments specialist dentists treat tooth irregularity, including crooked or abnormally arranged teeth, with devices such as a brace.

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Dental Crowns

We can lose teeth due to an accident, fracture, tooth decay or gum disease. Losing only one tooth can be extremely detrimental, not only aesthetically, but also health wise. Our body’s homeostasis and the unity of chewing can be faltered. To restore it, dentures or implantations can be used.   Choosing a New Crown If […]

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the center of a tooth (the root canal system). It’s also known as ‘endodontics’. Intervention is needed when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. During pulp inflammation the following symptoms can occur; tooth discoloration, sensitivity and pain.

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Dental Implant

What is dental implantation? When and why is an implant needed? As dentists, our primary goal is to save your own teeth. In some cases (such as loose or lost teeth due to an accident, periodontal disease, or other inflammatory diseases of the tooth), the tooth is difficult to rescue, and so needs to be […]

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Periodontology deals with diseases which affect the tooth-supporting structures. Periodontal disease is an illness of the tooth supporting system that can result in inflammation and, if untreated, can also lead to tooth loss. Below we summarize the most important information relating to periodontology.   Possible reasons of periodontal disease Periodontal disease (paradontosis, periodontitis) is most […]

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Oral Care

Proper and regular oral hygiene is essential. Negligent oral hygiene can cause serious problems not only in the mouth but in the body as well. Teeth are constantly exposed to bacteria, the deposition of which is the cause of many dental problems.

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