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CT (computer tomography) imaging has lots of advantages in modern dentistry. CT’s 3D imaging allows us to get the most complete information about the condition of your teeth or jaws. Because we get a comprehensive diagnosis, CT scanning is essential in implantology, especially when bone grafting is needed.
The image produces the most accurate picture of the structure of the jaw and the thickness of the bone. This is important because it can be used to determine whether there’s enough bone material for implant placement.

When is it recommended to conduct a CT scan?

In addition to implantology, 3D imaging is most commonly used in periodontology (gum disease), orthodontics (including braces) and endodontics (root canal treatment).
In our clinic, we only take CT scans in justified cases. A copy of the image can be taken home on a pen drive.

Is it necessary to take a CT scan before tooth extraction?

In most cases, it isn’t necessary to take a 3D image before tooth extraction, but some cases may involve a complex or unusual problem, such as surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth, or the extraction of teeth where a tooth is close to a nerve. With the help of CT scanning, our specialist dentists can provide more accurate and safer treatment.

Do CT scans cause health problems?

Many people ask how dangerous radiation exposure is.
The modern CT device in our office has minimal radiation exposure; for example, during a longer flight, our body is exposed to more radiation than during the CT scan.

Do CT scans cause pain or discomfort?

CT scanning does not involve any pain or discomfort and lasts for a very short time.
Even our most anxious patients can relax during the brief procedure.

Who is CT imaging not recommended for?

Pregnant mothers and nursing mothers are not recommended to expose themselves to even minimal radiation; therefore, CT scanning is not advised for them.
During pregnancy, the developing fetus may be sensitive to radiation and may even develop a disorder if receiving it in the early stages.
In case of a planned pregnancy, we recommend that you visit your dentist before pregnancy, who will examine your teeth and perform the necessary treatments. This is also important because certain periodontal diseases increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Moreover, teeth can start to deteriorate during pregnancy, and gingivitis can occur, due to the significant changes in the hormone balance of an expectant mother.
In all cases, tell your dentist if you are already pregnant or breast-feeding.

With the CT device used in our office, we can also obtain a 2D panoramic X-ray at the same time as taking the CT, so we actually get two images with one exposure. That is why we consider the preliminary consultation to be very important in order to determine exactly for what purpose we want to take the recording!

At our dentistry, we archive and preserve both CT and panoramic X-rays. Panoramic X-rays are emailed to the patient upon request, and CT images can be copied to a flash drive.



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