Stressz- és fájdalommentes fogászat
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Stress and pain-free dental clinicStress and pain-free dental clinic

Personalized advice, solutions for the time of the coronavirus from our specialist dentist, Dr. József Németh!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all of our daily routines.

Although our clinic has been temporarily closed due to the spread of the coronavirus to prevent infection and for your safety, our current and future patients remain our primary concern.

Nádor Dental now offers another service in addition to our week-long mobile phone availability: online dental consultation.

From now on, our free online consultation service is available to everyone on weekdays.

How can we help?

Many people may ask how to “remotely treat a tooth”? Although we do not heal remotely, we can provide professional, personalized advice via the internet. It is often enough to see or hear the problem in question, and our specialist, Dr. Jozsef Németh, who has had decades of professional experience, will try to tell you what can cause the problem and how to treat it at home until proper dental care can be provided. We believe that reassuring medical advice will help you.

How do I book an appointment?

Step 1: Install Skype or Zoom on your computer

Step 2: Send an email with your your name, phone number and a description of your dental problem

Step 3: After that, we will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.


Tip: Download Webcam Access to help you demonstrate the problem during the consultation.

We believe that this is only a short-term, temporary condition and that as soon as our lives return back to normal, we will be able to resume scheduled treatments, knowing that support and assistance were provided when needed.

Together, and by helping each other, we are going to get through this difficult time.


Contact us via e-mail : or call us at: +36 70 372 3000

⚠ Covid-19 hírek, intézkedések: A Nádor Dentalban, a májusi nyitás óta, pácienseink ellátása zavartalan, a vonatkozó előírások maximális betartása mellett látunk el mindenkit. tovább

️Covid-19 news, policies: Stricter preventive safety measures taken by our practice in response to the increased number of Covid-19 cases:
At Nádor Dental the dental care we provide our patients has been uninterrupted. more