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Orthodontic treatments aim to achieve a beautiful and orderly smile, clear speech, and regular bites. In the course of orthodontic treatments specialist dentists treat tooth irregularity, including crooked or abnormally arranged teeth, with devices such as a brace.

The benefits of orthodontics

  • Improved appearance and self-esteem.
  • Better oral hygiene, greatly reducing chance of tooth decay.
  • Less dental abrasion because to the even strain on teeth.
  • Better chewing technique, aiding digestion.


Types of Orthodontology

Orthodontic devices

Orthodontic devices

There are two methods of method of realigning teeth. We can employ either fixed or removable braces. The fixed appliances consist of brackets (colloquially called pads), rings and arches. In terms of the used material, brackets can be made of metal, porcelain, plastic, or a combination of these three substances.

Orthodontic devices

Orthodontic devices

There are several variants of removable devices available. Most appliances are made of plastic, silicone, rubber or flexible material. In contrast to the fixed appliance – which is attached to the teeth for 0-24 hours – the removable device is proposed for daily and nightly use.


Costs of Orthodontics

Our specialist orthodontists have had decades of experience in correcting and regulating irregular teeth. As a lot of devices have been applied and distributed in our dental clinic and we maintain very good relationship with the technicians, we prepare a variety of orthodontic appliances at a favorable price for both adults and children.

Adult orthodontics

For adults, a fixed device has to be applied at all times, which requires a lot of care. Today’s advanced technology offers countless opportunities for adult orthodontics depending on the orthodontic problem concerned. In order to achieve orderly, beautiful teeth the patient may wear inner braces, which are placed from the tongue’s side, so it is absolutely unnoticeable.

Inner Braces

Inner Braces

Adults can also wear custom-made series of aligners , which is beneficial for aesthetic point of view and are virtually invisible.

The Duration of Orthodontic Treatment

The overall duration of wearing fixed orthodontic appliances is 1 to two years.

Orthodontic Care for Children

Children tend to use removable braces. In most cases, this removable device is used prior to or in preparation for subsequent treatments.

Removable braces for children

Removable braces for children

Its Goal

Removable devices are designed to correct the position of the teeth or to prepare them for wearing fixed orthodontic devices as well as keepingcarrying the results of the already worn fixed appliances.

Its Advantage

Removable appliances for Children

Removable appliances for Children

We can choose the colour as well as the pattern of the appliences. The use of colourful devices are preferred by children. It’s easy to clean and wearing them is not burdensome for kids.

Its Disadvantage

The effectiveness of orthodontic appliances largely depends on the cooperation of kids; how much they are prepared to wear them, and how much they understand their necessity.


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