Stress and pain-free Dental clinic
1051 Budapest, 5th district, Nádor street 23. 1st floor
Stress and pain-free dental clinicStress and pain-free dental clinic
Dr. József Németh

Dr. József Németh, lead dentist, orthodontist

As member of a dentist dynasty, the foundation of Nádor Dental represents the realization of a lifelong aspiration. The experience of the past years has reinforced my commitment to my vocation, and I feel privileged by the trust our patients invest in us.
lead dentist, orthodontist (languages: Hungarian, German, English)
Dr. Dávid Vámos

Dr. Dávid Vámos, oral surgeon

I graduated summa cum laude from Semmelweis University, and worked at the university’s Oral, Maxillofacial and Dental clinic for four years. In 2012 I completed a specialization in dentoalveolar oral surgery. Since then I have worked abroad as well as in Hungary. I am proud to be able to employ and develop my expertise at Nádor Dental.
oral surgeon (languages: Hungarian, English)
Dr. Kata Tordai

Dr. Kata Tordai, dentist

I received my degree in dental medicine summa cum laude from Semmelweis University, Budapest. At the moment I also work as a second-year dental-alveolar surgeon at the university. I hope above all to deepen my knowledge in oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry, but it is a pleasure to work at Nádor Dental and gain valuable experience across other areas of dentistry. I’m motivated above all by the proud and happy smiles of my patients after treatment.
dentist (languages: Hungarian, English, German, French)
Dr. Réka Sklánitz

Dr. Réka Sklánitz, dentist

I graduated summa cum laude from Semmelweis University, and am proud to be a member of the Nádor Dental team. I specialize in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, but benefit from exposure to a wide range of dental diseases here. I am most proud when initially apprehensive patients overcome their anxiety and leave relaxed and smiling after treatment.
dentist (languages: Hungarian, English)
Barbara Berta

Barbara Berta, dental hygienist

It is especially rewarding when I can calm down anxious patients and give the best of my professional knowledge, and teach them the importance of oral hygiene. I love working in the Nádor Dental team because I get high quality human and professional knowledge every day in a familiar atmosphere. Here the human being what counts. I am constantly looking for challenges and regularly attending trainings to develop in all areas of dentistry. My dental assistant certificate was obtained in Budapest at Oktáv Education Center in 2012. and my dental hygienist certificate was gained at Pannon Kincstár Educational Center in 2014.
dental hygienist
Csilla Mihók

Csilla Mihók, dental assistant

I was looking for my path for a long time, and somehow all roads seemed to lead to becoming a dental assistant. After I applied for assistant training, I became even more convinced that I’d found my way. It’s a great pleasure for me to be a member of a professional team. At Nádor Dental, I feel myself at home. It’s a joy to work here both humanly and professionally. Here, I work in a fantastic environment, with lovely colleagues. It’s a wonderful feeling when I see that the outstanding work ethic and humane treatment help make patients satisfied and happy. Not only the staff but also the patients “come home” when they visit our surgery.
dental assistant (Spoken Languages: Hungarian, English (basic), German (basic))
Szilvia Fekete

Szilvia Fekete, patient coordinator

I have over two decades of dental experience, and currently work to ensure the ease and comfort of our patients at Nádor Dental. It is essential to me that the people who come to us feel that they are awaited and receive our full attention. We want to know not only the teeth but the person. With my work, I strive to ensure that all those who visit our surgery feel they have found the right one.
patient coordinator (languages: Hungarian, German, English)
Gabriella Szilvasi

Gabriella Szilvasi, communications

I became a member of the Nádor Dental team in 2012 after many years of living abroad. My goal remains ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of attention at every stage of the treatment process, professionally as much as humanly.
communications (languages: Hungarian, English, French)