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Consultation / Diagnostics

Intraoral X-Ray 2.000 HUF
Panoramic X-Ray 6.000 HUF
Dental control with oral cancer screening 6.000 HUF
Consultation, Treatment Plan, Oral Cancer Screening (Including Panoramic X-Ray) 10.000 HUF
Consultation, Treatment Plan, Oral Cancer Screening (Including CT Scan) 25.000 HUF
Photographic Documentation 5.000 HUF
Study Pattern 5.000 HUF
Wachs up (per tooth) with analysis 5.000 HUF
Periodontological examination with pocket- and mobility exams 10.000 HUF
Consultation-Simple 5.000 HUF
Complex Orthodontics Plan with measurements 35.000 HUF
Standby Fee (cancellation of booked appointment less than 24 hours before treatment) 10.000 HUF
Oral Hygiene Treatment- Premium Package (removing tartar, air-flow, interdental measurement, product package) 30.000 HUF
Oral Hygiene Treatment- Classic Package (removing tartar, no dental anaesthesia) 20.000 HUF
Dental Anaesthesia (included in most treatments) 2.000 HUF
Covid-19 Antigen test (Test: 11.000 HUF, Testing: 2.000 HUF) 13.000 HUF

Oral surgery

Extraction-simple 15.000 HUF
Extraction-complicated 25.000 HUF
Extraction –wisdom tooth, simple 22.000 HUF
Surgical Extraction 40.000 HUF
Root Apex- resection 35.000 HUF
Incision 8.000 HUF
Extraction of Milk tooth 8.000 HUF
Removing of old implant 40.000 HUF
Sinus Closure with  Flap 20.000 HUF


Revision (removing incomplete root filling) – front tooth 13.000 HUF
Revision (removing incomplete root filling) – premolar tooth 20.000 HUF
Revision (removing incomplete root filling)) – molar tooth 27.000 HUF
Root Canal Treatment, temporary medical closure– front tooth 22.000 HUF
Root Canal Treatment, temporary medical closure – premolar tooth 27.000 HUF
Root Canal Treatment, temporary medical closure – molar tooth 36.000 HUF
Root Filling – front tooth 17.000 HUF
Root Filling – premolar tooth 23.000 HUF
Root Filling – molar tooth 28.000 HUF
Dental dam (per treatment) 7.000 HUF

Restorative dentistry

Tooth buildup 17.000 HUF
Dental dam (per tooth)/not always required 7.000 HUF
Composite Filling (photo polymeric) on one surface 22.000 HUF
Composite Filling (photo polymeric) on two surfaces 26.000 HUF
Composite Filling (photo polymeric) on three surfaces 30.000 HUF
Replacing chipped edge (front teeth) From 30.000 HUF
Filling of milk tooth 14.000 HUF
Dental Sealant 12.000 HUF


Metal Fused Ceramic Crown or Bridge Unit 58.000 HUF
Zirconia Crown or Bridge Unit 80.000 HUF
Surcharge for Screw crown per unit 15.000 HUF
Pressed Ceramic Crown 90.000 HUF
Ceramic Veneer 90.000 HUF
Tokuyama Post 35.000 HUF
Cast Post 30.000 HUF
Zirconia post 65.000 HUF
Inlay Gradia 50.000 HUF
Pressed Ceramic Inlay 85.000 HUF
Gold inlay (the price of the gold has to be paid separately) 50.000 HUF
Temporary Crown or Bridge Unit- (in-office made) 8.000 HUF
Temporary Acrylic Crown or Bridge Unit-(laboratory made) 12.000 HUF
Long Term (cad/cam) temporary crown or bridge unit 17.000 HUF
Temporary partial denture (depending on the number of teeth and clasps) 30.000 HUF
Full Acrylic Denture-per jaw bone 140.000 HUF
Tooth in Metal Frame Denture- per jaw bone 110.000 HUF
Esthetic Anchorage, slider (preci vertix) 60.000 HUF
Telescopic Crown primary+secondary (non Au) 90.000 HUF
Artificial Tooth in Metal Frame Denture 8.000 HUF


Sinus lifting 140.000 HUF
Inner sinus (excl. used material) 50.000 HUF
Bio-oss bone replacement material (0,5 g) 60.000 HUF
Bio-guide membrane (25 x 25) 80.000 HUF
Lyoplant membrane 45.000 HUF
ICX implant 150.000 HUF
Exposing dental implant (/implant) 15.000 HUF
Nobel replace cc / parallel cc implant 190.000 HUF
Unibase (screw implant abutment) 90.000 HUF
Multi unit (screw abutment) 105.000 HUF
Cemented abutment implant 70.000 HUF
PRF From 35.000 HUF


Metal brace per jaw 180.000 HUF
Ceramic brace per jaw 280.000 HUF
Activation (per jaw bone) 6.000 HUF
Retainer 35.000 HUF
Retention Plate 35.000 HUF
Expansion Screw Plate 55.000 HUF
Hyrax-appliance 80.000 HUF
Hansa-appliance 95.000 HUF
Bite Elevating Plate 25.000 HUF
Bi-maxillary Bite Elevating Plate 40.000 HUF
Digital Treatment Plan 45.000 HUF
Invisible Brace (Aligner) From 45.000 HUF


Oral Hygiene Treatment-Classic Package (removing tartar, without dental anesthesia) 20.000 HUF
Oral Hygiene Treatment-Premium Package (removing tartar,dental anesthesia, interdental measuring and gift pack) 30.000 HUF
Oral Hygiene Treatment with EMS Technology 35.000 HUF
Air-flow Treatment 9.000 HUF
Personalized Periodontal Package 30.000 HUF
Gingival Pocket Measurement 5.000 HUF
Control (examination) 5.000 HUF
Closed curettage per tooth 9.000 HUF
Open curettage (surgery) per tooth (excluding material) From 35.000 HUF
Crown Lengthening Surgery 25.000 HUF


Professional Teeth Whitening in-office 90.000 HUF
Professional Teeth Whitening- at home with home kit 60.000 HUF
Inner Tooth Whitening 15.000 HUF
Teeth Whitening on Root Treated Tooth 15.000 HUF
Treatment for Sensitive Tooth Neck/Tooth 2.000 HUF
Conscious Sedation (each started hour-max. 2 hours/sitting) 80.000 HUF

Planning and scheduling dental treatments are critical to offering you the highest standard of personalized and comprehensive dental care.  At Nádor Dental we ensure that pricing is reviewed at the initial meeting, once your particular requirements are assessed by one of our professionals. Our dentists will then personally discuss with you all proposed treatments meeting your specific demands and needs.

All treatments are preceded by a check-up and Panoramic X-Ray  or CT scan if neccessary to ensure the best solution to be recommended. If additional treatment options are determined, we will again review them with you in detail. At Nádor Dental, pricing is transparent. We guarantee that before the start of any treatment all arrangements have been approved by you.

Our surgery has contract with the following health funds

Allianz Hungária Egészségpénztár Aranykor Egészségpénztár Axa Egészségpénztár
Dimenzió Egészségpénztár Generali Egészségpénztár Honvéd Egészségpénztár
MKB Egészségpénztár OTP Egészségpénztár Patika Egészségpénztár
Tempó Egészségpénztár Vasutas Egészségpénztár Vitamin Egészségpénztár
Postás Egészségpénztár Új pillér Egészségpénztár Provita Egészégpénztár

Payment methods

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