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If  you are afraid of dentists due to bad childhood memories, or the noises and other impulses in the dentistry make you feel nervous, then sedated dentistry is recommended. The Nádor Dental team is fully equipped to deal with the most anxious patients. All dental procedures can be made stress-free with the use of modern techniques and analgesics. Although many types of sedation and anaesthesia are available, we highly recommend conscious sedation technique for patients who are uncomfortable with dental interventions.

Conscious sedation involves the provision of a sedative medication that eliminates anxiety and fear, allowing you to feel very relaxed while remaining able to communicate with the dentist if necessary. At the beginning of the procedure sedative medication enters the body through the veins and the patient feels completely at ease and relaxed. Local anaesthesia is also applied to the treated areas. Conscious sedation is a safe and comfortable solution.

We recommend conscious sedation for people who:

  • are extremely nervous of dental interventions or have a fear of dentistry originating from childhood or previous bad experience.
  • would prefer not to be aware of the treatment; sedation will allow you to have little memory of the event.
  • have a very strong gag reflex when the dentist places a tool in the mouth. Conscious sedation reduces the sensitivity of the gag reflex allowing you to have the dental procedure performed in comfort.
  • are undergoing longer or multiple dental treatments at one sitting, such as implantation, as it has a time-dilation effect, making the length of the interventions seem lot shorter.

The minimum age for sedation dentistry is 16 years of age.

The cost of conscious sedation is 80.000 HUF/hour

How to prepare for conscious sedation?

The patient must not drink or eat six hours prior to the sedation procedure, but regular morning medicines can safely be taken. Driving and walking alone after sedation is strongly prohibited. It is important to be accompanied by an adult after the intervention. 

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