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Periodontology deals with diseases which affect the tooth-supporting structures. Periodontal disease is an illness of the tooth supporting system that can result in inflammation and, if untreated, can also lead to tooth loss. Below we summarize the most important information relating to periodontology.

Possible reasons of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease (paradontosis, periodontitis) is most often caused by bacteria build-up on teeth. This bacterial infection can spread to the surrounding gums and teeth and, if untreated, can lead to loosening of teeth and ultimately tooth loss. The most common cause of the formation of periodontitis is inadequate dental care or neglect resulting in plaque formation. A number of things can aggravate the infection, such as smoking – considered one of the main risk factors of the formation of paradontosis. Genetics can also be a factor; some people are more prone to developing paradontosis even in the case of proper oral hygiene. Additional risk factors include, stress, diabetes and a one-sided diet.

The warning signs of periodontitis

In the early stages there is little sign of periodontal disease, so many people turn to a specialist too late. However, the disease may be recognized by these early signs:

  • bleeding gums during tooth brushing or using dental floss
  • constant strong mouth odour, continuous metallic taste in the mouth
  • gingival retraction
  • deep pockets formed around the teeth (called ‘gum/bone pockets’)
  • at late stages, loose teeth

If you experience any of the above, you might want to turn to a periodontist, specialist. Do not wait until the tooth begins to hurt; it may be too late, as the above symptoms are often painless.

The cost of a consultation with our periodontist specialist is: 10.000 HUF

At Nador Dental dental clinic a specialist periodontist welcomes you, so if in doubt, ask for an appointment for consultation, and, if necessary, a treatment plan will be made at the surgery, and you can decide whether you want to remedy the problems or not. For contacting Nador Dental click here!

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