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Many of us are familiar with the feeling of a sudden and strong drooping pain in the teeth while drinking cold or hot beverages or eating our favourite food. Perforated or broken teeth raise many questions to our patients in general.

 Will the treatment hurt? How fast can I get the necessary dental care? Are there any alternative ways to make the procedure stress-free?

No need to worry, at  Nádor Dental we are offering stress-and pain-free dental interventions. All treatments are available in conscious sedation

When is a dental filling needed?

Dental fillings are most often required due to caries when the tooth enamel or the dentin underneath is significantly or irreversibly damaged, or when one of our teeth has chipped off.

We distinguish:

  1. dental fillings that can be made on-site by the dentist, like various composites such as aesthetic dental fillings- the filling material is identical to the original color of the tooth, thus contributing to a confident smile. These sealants bind quickly when exposed to blue light.
  2. or inlays, which can be made of composite resin, porcelain or precious metal. They are pre-moulded filling inserted into the grooves of the tooth. The dentist then takes an impression, and send it to the lab. The cleaned, prepared area is closed with a temporary filling until the final inlay is completed. Dental inlays are usually more durable than regular fillings.

What is recommended before and after dental fillings?

It is important to eat before treatments because although the filling material solidifies almost immediately, the dental anesthetic effect does not go away for a long time, so we can easily bite our tongue or injure our mouths. In some cases, when the dental filling is glued and fixed with cement, it may be necessary to avoid eating for a few hours, but we always draw the attention of our patients if it applies. 

In case of long dental interventions or anxiety at the dentist's,  treatments are available in conscious sedation.

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