Stress and pain-free Dental clinic
1051 Budapest, 5th district, Nádor street 23. 1st floor
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Personalized advice, solutions for the time of the coronavirus
from our specialist dentist, Dr. József Németh!

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Air-conditioned clinic in downtown Budapest

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latest technology

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high-value services

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Stress and pain-free dental clinicStress and pain-free dental clinic

The Nádor Dental clinic is now open!

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Private Dental Surgery in Central Pest

The Nador Dental team awaits you in the private, air –conditioned and centrally located 5th district of Budapest. Book an appointment with us now!

Nador Dental’s Team Leader: About the Surgery


Dental Practice in downtown Budapest

Our practice has been designed with only top quality in mind, in order to meet the highest standards. We use all the latest dental materials and equipment, which, along with our expert professional team, guarantee that you receive the very best in dental care.

  • We offer solutions for all types of dental problems
  • Experienced specialist dentists, oral surgeons, implantologists and paradontologists await you at Budapest’s friendly Nador Dental private clinic.
  • A modern, sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere awaits you in our dental surgery.
  • A beautiful smile and intact teeth are becoming more and more important these days. We strive for all our patients to leave with satisfaction.
  • We offer excellent value for money and flexible appointments.

Our clinic accepts all major credit cards and we are partnered with numerous national healthcare funds.. Ask for a free call back to make an appointment with us TODAY!

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We call you back within 24 hours on workdays!

Nádor Dentál 305x380-angol

Private Dental Practice and Dental Treatments at Nador Dental Budapest

Nador Dental’s Specialist dentists have extenSIVE experience in paradontology (gum diseaseS, SUCH AS gingival bleeding AND THE treatment of gum pockets), DENTAL IMPLANTS,Orthodontology as well as oral hygine and esthatic dentistry.
Private Dental PrACTICE

Budapest’s newest modern and elegant private dental practice awaits you. We look forward to welcoming you at Nador street in downtown Pest and offering you complete dental care and aesthetic treatments. Interested in more? More about us!

Our services

Professional consultation and treatment plan: We make panoramic X-rays using the latest digital technology and only one-tenth of the traditional radiation dose. We use intra-oral cameras for the examination of teeth. More about our services


Address: 23 Nador St, 1051 Budapest, 1st floor Telephone: +36 1-302-0-302, Mobile: +36 70-372-3000 Curious about our dentists?. Learn more about them here: Our Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my teeth ache or are sensitive to the cold?
What should I do if a previous filling falls out?
How long does a dental implant last, and how reliable is it?
What toothbrush and toothpaste should I use?

Why Nador Dental?

Excellent Specialist Dentists

Some of our dentists are members of a dentist dynasty, and others are specialized in specific dental problems.

Modern Technology

We use only the most modern technology (such as digital X-rays, oral cameras) and we are able to perform dental surgeries on-site.

5 -Year Guarantee

We provide excellent value for money and a 5 year guarantee on all our treatments.