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PRF method

PRF method helps for fast and effective healing in Dental Surgery

The PRF method we use in our clinic is an ideal solution for oral surgery, as it uses the patient's own blood during treatment for faster recovery and many other benefits.

 PRF can help during the following dental interventions:

  • Repairing tissue deficiencies (bone, soft tissue, cartilage, tendon)
  • After tooth extraction, for faster healing
  • Sinus lift during surgery (cavity lift)
  • For dental implants
  • Periodontal problems (bone, soft tissue contractions)
  • Bone grafting

 How does the PRF procedure take place in our practice?

A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient at the clinic at the same time as the intended treatment, and then centrifuged in a special low-speed machine purchased for this purpose. The centrifuged blood is applied as needed during dental procedures within a short time, no more than approximately 20 minutes.

Why us?

Our practitioners learned the method from its developer, Dr. Choukrouon.

Our dental clinic has the original special dental centrifuge, which guarantees the success of the procedures.

What are the advantages of the PRF method?

The biggest advantage of this method is that it requires the patient's own venous blood, which is taken at the same time as the treatment and is used immediately.

A portion of the centrifuged blood is used up, which promotes faster, effective healing and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

PRF intervention is available from 35.000 HUF

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