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Having a missing tooth is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can lead to serious dental and functional problems (such as a jaw joint disorder, an underbite, or obstruction to healthy eating).

Our primary goal at Nádor Dental is to create a natural smile and to improve the patient’s quality of life. We believe it important to outline possible treatment options and to make the decision together with our patient.

The implantation itself is preceded by thorough planning, in many cases a series of different dental treatments, as it is important that the implants are placed in an orderly, healthy mouth.

When only one tooth is missing, i.e. a solo crown is placed on the implant: a rotation-proof element (on-one) is placed between the implant and the abutment.

When almost all or all the teeth in a jaw are missing the now well-known ‘all-on-four’ implantation solution is used. In this case, four implants, properly placed, will function as a support pillar for the bridge placed over them.

In our practice, all implant procedures are performed by experienced, specialist oral surgeons.

Great emphasis is placed on using quality implants under the safest conditions, taking into account the individual circumstances of the patient.

The implants used at our clinic are Nobel Biocare and ICX implants. Both of them are of high quality.

The price of the ICX implant is: 150,000 HUF

The price of the Nobel implant is: 190,000 HUF

The above prices are only the costs of the implant, we always provide an accurate treatment plan after a thorough examination.

For consultation call us: +36 70 372 3000 or write an email to: info@nadordental.hu 

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